Re-planning a large scale implementation programme


European Telecommunications Company


Re-plan a large-scale IT implementation programme that had become derailed.


A programme for the development and roll-out of new processes and IT systems for customer care, billing and EAI was endangered. The budget (€ 000 million sum) continued to rise, whilst introduction to the market became even more uncertain.


Within one month, the programme roll-out approach was altered, the baseline was completely re-planned, and measures for improving the programme's organisational efficiency were developed. Structured surveys of project leaders and key players, interviews with the programme management, and review sessions with critical teams were conducted. Core issues were quickly made transparent, and actions for improvement were agreed upon by the stakeholders. The programme plan was given a new, realistic baseline. Presentations to the board concluded this 4 week period.


The company’s board of directors approved the new plans, and the programme could continue.